Basic Nursing Clinical Practice has entered its 2nd week. This week, the expert lecture delivered was about nutritional needs for patients who require total care. This material was delivered by Mrs. Isnaini Rahmawati, S.Kep., Ns., MAN,
Bung Karno Hospital ICU Nurse Surakarta on Wednesday 7 April 2021.
She said that nutritional support is an important task in patient care
. The meaning of nutrition is not only limited to food entering the patient’s body. However,
how food can maximize the patient’s healing process. Therefore,
patient nutrition is managed by multidisciplinary disciplines. Among them are doctors who are responsible for the entire implementation process, pharmacists are responsible for providing drug therapy that does not affect the process of food absorption, nutritionists are responsible for providing appropriate food formulas according to patient needs and nurses are responsible for providing access the entry of food, maximizing food absorption until the food is delivered to body cells. Nursing is a scientific discipline with the basic premise that care is carried out comprehensively covering bio, psycho, social, cultural and spiritual needs. Nurses view patients as one complete unit, because nurses believe that bio, psycho, social, cultural and spiritual needs influence each other. Nurses use a nursing care approach
to overcome nutritional problems stated in the nursing diagnosis.
Nurses view three important basics in meeting the patient’s nutritional needs, namely;
1) the ability to enter including mechanical digestive functions such as chewing and swallowing;< br>2) the ability to digest includes the function of digestive enzymes in the body to
help break down nutrient molecules into smaller ones so they can be absorbed by the intestine;
3) the ability to absorb, which starts from absorption to delivering nutrient substances
to cell. The absorption function includes the availability of insulin as a glucose receptor, the ability of the heart to pump blood and sufficient oxygen concentration for the process of metabolizing nutrients to form energy. By providing this expert lecture, it is hoped that students who are currently undergoing practice will… >The Basic Nursing Clinic has an overview of meeting the nutritional needs of patients
in the hospital.

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