Stikes Notokusumo again held a Capping Day Ceremony, this time for the 31st batch of DIII Nursing Study Program students, which was attended by 122 students. The event on Thursday, 14 October 2021 was held with a hybrid concept where most participants took part in the ceremony online, but there were student representatives who took part in person at the Stikes Notokusumo Campus, Jalan Bener No. 26 Tegalrejo, Yogyakarta. Apart from being attended by students, this event was also attended by structural officials of Stikes Notokusumo and representatives from the Notokusumo Foundation.

The Capping Day ceremony is a ceremonial procession in the nursing study program that is carried out before prospective nursing students enter the field of clinical nursing practice in hospitals or enter the community. During the event procession, senior nurses pinned professional nursing hats on female students and nursing pins on male students. The nurse’s hood is not just a head covering but is a symbol of health. professional identity for nurses, while the pin functions as identification for oneself and the institution where students are studying nursing. The embedding of the nurse hood symbolizes that the period of intellectual training and development, nursing skills and ethics for prospective nursing students has fulfilled the requirements to advance to the next stage, namely nursing clinical practice in hospitals to learn and apply the knowledge gained in lectures.

Capping Day and making promises this year was held with the theme: “Making promises as the first step in preparing professional, skilled, intelligent and ethical nurses”. In his remarks, the Chairman of Stikes Notokusumo, Giri Susilo Adi, M.Kep. stated that the promise is the first step in preparing professional, skilled, intelligent and ethical nurses. Furthermore, the Head of Stikes hopes that the participating students will make a promise that this excellent theme will be realized in carrying out nursing practice in hospitals.

 “Professional includes cognitive, attitude and behavior (practical behavior).  Professional values must be upheld, serving patients wholeheartedly, no discrimination, No SARA, upholding universal human values and adhering strictly to the professional code of ethics. A professional nurse must also uphold the ethical principles of nursing, namely; autonomy (respecting the patient’s rights), non malficience (not harming the patient), beneficence (doing the best for the patient), justice ;(be fair to all patients), veracity (honest to patients and families), fidelity (always  keep promises to patients and family), and confidentiality (able to keep patient secrets), Accountability (accountability),” said the chairman of Stikes.

The Chairperson of Stikes advised all prospective nursing students to always communicate with supervisors, whether from lecturers or from the field, during their practice at the hospital, so that the expected competency targets can be achieved well. “Uphold the values of noble character (polite attitudes, respect and respect for human dignity, honesty, patience (unique patient characteristics), always attention and compassion for patients (caring) and other noble values ,” said the chairman of Stikes.

On this occasion, appreciation was also given to students with academic achievements with the highest achievement index indicators, namely to three students:

  1. Anisa Dwi Rahmawati (NIM 3120203581): IP 4.00
  2. Audee Calida Batividinta (NIM 3120203657): IP 3.90
  3. Rifdah Siti Afifah (NIM 3120203646): IP 3.90

Apart from that, on this occasion appreciation was also given to three students who have greater motivation and enthusiasm for learning, reading and developing themselves with indicators of visit level, frequency and duration of reading at the Stikes Notokusumo Digital Library, the three students are:

  • Rifdah Siti A
    1. Fatma Mustika Dewi (NIM 3120203593): 61 times
    2. Rifdah Siti A
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