Stikes Notokusumo Yogyakarta Strengthens Cooperation with Fukuyama University and Nursing Home “Tenjinkai Social Welfare Japan”

Tenjinkai Social Welfare is a Nursing Home unit located in the Kasaoka Area, Okayama Perfecture Japan. Since 2013 Stikes Notokusumo Yogyakarta Alumni have established a cooperative relationship in the form of alumni absorption working at Tenjinkai. Then in 2015 Stikes Notokusumo began to hold MOUs and collaborate on Soft Loan Scholarships for students who will work at Tenjinkai. On Monday, December 11, 2023 Stikes Notokusumo Yogyakarta and Tenjinkai Social Welfare re-established an extension of cooperation in providing Soft Loan Scholarships for students and also cooperation in developing the Tri Dharma of Higher Education. Tenjinkai Social Welfare contributes to Stikes Notokusumo Yogayakarta in scientific development, namely in increasing knowledge sharing in elderly health through International Seminars. President of Tenjinkai Social Welfare Mr. Ito Shunsuke said that this collaboration is expected to continue and provide mutual benefits to each other, the covid 9 conditions experienced by Tenjinkai made the conditions at Tenjinkai deteriorate but now we have risen again and are ready to provide work to the community. Mr. Takata as the manager of the Tenjinso Orphanage Facility said that the kinship and family relationship between Stikes Notokusumo and Tenjinkai should always be fostered, in 2023 there are 5 alumni who joined Tenjinkai Social Welfare. Mr. Taukhit as the chairman of Stikes Notokusumo welcomed Tenjinkai’s arrival and hoped that strengthening cooperation could be re-established.

In addition to the visit from Tenjinkai Social Welfare, Stikes Notokusumo Yogyakarta received a visit from Professor Narumi Sugihara, Phd. During his visit Professor Narumi Sugihara gave an International Expert lecture to 300 Notokusumo Yogyakarta Pharmacy students entitled “The Overview of The Pharmacy Practice in Japan” and in the lecture activity was also given by an Internal Pharmacy Lecturer, namely Mrs. Apt. Catharina Apriyani Wuryaningsih, M.Farm with the theme “The Overview of The Pharmacy Practice in Indonesia”.

In this activity Professor Narumi Sugihara, PhD also said that cooperation could always take place in several other fields, especially in terms of developing the Pharmacy Study Program of Stikes Notokusumo Yogyakarta.

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