During the Covid-19 pandemic, we are required to be able to maintain our respective immune systems so that they are always in top shape. Implementing health protocols in a disciplined manner by wearing masks, washing hands and staying away from crowds can prevent the transmission of Covid-19. Apart from implementing these health protocols, efforts must also be made to maintain the immune system. This can be done by adjusting your lifestyle, consuming medication and proper nutrition. By taking these steps, it is hoped that the transmission of Covid-19 can increase.

The government, both central and regional, has used various methods to continuously promote the prevention of Covid-19. Likewise, this has also been done in the academic sphere with a series of seminar activities with themes surrounding Covid-19. On Saturday 6 February 2021 an expert lecture was held which presented two themes, namely the Use of Traditional Medicine for Covid-19 and Nutrition During the Covid-19 Pandemic. This expert lecture is a collaborative program between STIKES Notokusumo Yogyakarta and Immanuel Christian University (UKRIM). Previously an expert lecture was held at UKRIM on August 5 2021 with speakers from STIKES Notokusumo Yogyaakrta.

In the first session which started at 09.00 WIB, Mrs. apt. Ani Kristiyani, M.Clin.Pharm. In his presentation, he explained the benefits of traditional medicines as medicine for Covid-19. Traditional medicines from the Standardized Herbal Medicine and Phytopharmaca groups that have NIE BPOM can be used as companions for OTG and light category Covid-19 treatment. Meanwhile, when using traditional medicine, you can use applicable guidelines such as the Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Covid-19, Guidelines for the Use of Herbs in Indonesia and the Handbook of Traditional Medicine for the Body’s Endurance.

In the second session which started at 10.30 WIB by Mrs. apt. Novena Adi Yuhara, M.Pharm.Sci conveyed more about nutritional needs during the Covid-19 pandemic. Several methods can be used to prevent the spread of Covid-19, such as eating a healthy and balanced diet, washing your hands and food before processing it, increasing your body’s endurance by exercising, increasing your intake of vegetables and fruit sources of vitamins and minerals, and getting enough sleep. The components of the types of vitamins needed to protect the body from Covid-19 infection are vitamins A, E, C and Zinc, all of which can be obtained from vegetables and fruit. 

With this expert lecture, it is hoped that it can increase students’ understanding of the use of traditional medicine and proper nutrition during the Covid-19 pandemic. In this way, it will become a source of information for the community in dealing with this virus outbreak. Apart from that, it can also motivate students in particular at STIKES Notokusumo Yogyakarta to continue exploring the properties of natural ingredients for treatment. This is in accordance with the vision of the Bachelor of Pharmacy study program which is superior in the development of natural ingredients.

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