In accordance with the vision of the STIKES Nurse Professional Education Study Program  Notokusumo Yogyakarta, namely “Creating a Nursing Professional Education Study Program with an international outlook, superior in Medical Surgical Nursing  and produce graduates with good character  sublime  in 2035” 

The advantages of the Nurse Professional Education Study Program are: 

  1. Tri dharma orientation of higher education and graduates who can compete internationally, especially in ASEAN countries. 
  2. Excellent in the knowledge and skills of Medical Surgical Nursing, especially Chronic Care Disease.
  3. Emphasizes the educational aspects of noble moral values that reflect attitudes and behavior that are Godly, have good identity and morals and mental maturity, so that they are able to behave in what is good and what is not good, what is permissible to do and where  what should not be done, as well as what is ethical and what is unethical, with an attitude of noble character, a sense of belonging will be created between each other, giving birth to a harmonious attitude by lecturers, students, alumni and the entire academic community.

Study Program Graduate Profile

Profile of graduates from the STIKES Notokusumo Nurse Professional Education Program  prepared based on the Indonesian National Qualifications Framework (KKNI) level 7 developed by the Association of Indonesian Nurse Education Institutions (AIPNI) and the vision and mission of STIKES Notokusumo Yogyakarta. The profile of graduates of the STIKES Notokusumo Yogyakarta Nursing Professional Education Program was agreed upon from the results of a joint workshop with stakeholders, graduate users and alumni  on March 9 2021 which consists of four components, namely attitude components, general and specific work abilities, mastery of knowledge, and authority and responsibility.