“Scientific Field Trip” for Pharmacy Students to Improve Critical Thinking

Students of the S1 Pharmacy Study Program of Stikes Notokusumo made a scientific visit to PRTPP BRIN Playen to learn in research or research related to food processing. It is hoped that this visit can provide an overview of the scope of research and motivate students in terms of research and innovation.

Notokusumo College of Health Sciences Yogyakarta as one of the universities in the field of health increases the potential of students by equipping soft skills and hard skills to excel in job absorption. in this activity initiated by Mr. Fajar as the Head of the Pharmacy Department which was also supported by the ranks of Pharmacy lecturers and the student and alumni section Mrs. Brigita Ayu. it is hoped that this activity will be able to improve students’ critical thinking skills and spur creativity in conducting research. (EP)

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